With this exquisitely beautiful, thick-walled pot, you will make a good piece for life. If, for example, you want to boil pure, natural jam, it will easily pick up 6 liters of fruit (always pour only two-thirds of the filling into the pot, so nothing is overcooked).

The robust jam jar made of copper with a diameter of 38 cm is 13 cm high and weighs 1.8 kg. The black handles of high quality cast iron are riveted. At the bottom, the diameter is 28 cm.

Copper is a relatively soft material and can deform when heated. If this happens occasionally due to the large diameter of the bottom, the outer bulge can be removed with a fist punch. Your fine jam pot is after the application of this gag again flat on the stove or ceramic hob. This representative as well as useful copper pot can be used on all kinds of stoves (except induction).